Monday, May 24, 2010

Our 1st Tooth Fairy Visit!

Corbin was so excited when he lost his first tooth! He couldn't wait for the tooth fairy to get his tooth and get his reward!!! He put his teeny tiny tooth in an envelope (just in case it got lost for the third time that day under his pillow) and asked me to write her a little message on the outside. He told me what to write word for word.

Tooth Fairy,
This is my baby tooth and I hope you keep it safe.

Of course the tooth fairy had to give him a sweet lil note back...

...and she rolled the reward for his tooth inside the letter and this was found under his pillow (at 2am in the morning, when he took it out and went to sleep in our room, waking Michael up in the morning to open it.) The tooth fairy made the whole experience special for Gage too by covering his bed in fairy dust!!! Gage was so excited and won't stop pulling on his teeth and asking me if they are loose yet.

The boys can't wait for many more visits from the tooth fairy...but I can. I was so sad holding that tiny tooth in my hand. Corbin, I swear, grows an inch every day! He's getting to look so big and seeing this, I keep thinking it was just the other day that I felt his tiny fingers grasped around mine trying to walk around the house.

First day of kindergarten is going to be a friggin nightmare for mommy.

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