Friday, April 30, 2010

Cool Beans!

People probably don't say "cool beans" anymore...but I thought I would share some things that I think are "cool beans!"

1. The boys' new haircuts. We headed over to the Kid's Salon in Allen for the first time since Aunt Sarah seems to like it...and they did an awesome job...and Corbin only complained for a few minutes about the "nasty hard stuff" in his hair. (I took this picture as we were headed to the bathroom to wash it out)

2. 2 more weeks left in the semester...which also means only 2 more weeks of ever taking a math class!!! Right now my average in one math is a B and the other is...not a B. Here is to hoping that the teacher finds it in her to at least pass me with a C (or education dept will make me retake!)

3. I'm taking my practice teacher certification exam this weekend. That really isn't "cool beans" but just being at the point that I need to take it is "cool beans". I already passed the PPR one, so this one is next!! I have to pass them to student teach...and once I pass them...I can take the REAL tests! Big-time COOL BEANS!

4. custoMOM is catching up on her many many many many orders!!! (which is perfect timing for finals!) I just finished one of my most favorite teacher signs I've ever done and can't wait to show everyone...tomorrow! :)

5. An info-mercial (sp?) has motivated me to attempt the P90X workout!! I'm hoping to start it this next week...but that all depends on finals and craft orders...hopefully I'll still be motivated in 2 weeks if not! ;)

6. I think this picture (below) is cool beans.

Until next time...