Friday, May 21, 2010

A MEMORABLE and Fun-Filled Friday!

Big news today!! My baby lost his first baby tooth!! As you can was past due to be lost. (the other one is already coming in) Poor thing is probably going to have my crooked teeth...but lil man is super excited and can't wait for the tooth fairy tonight!! I have mixed emotions on this. Part of me was so sad, because he is growing up way too quickly...and the other part was overjoyed for him...he was so excited!

Before the tooth came out today, we had headed over to Celebration Park to the splashpad for some outdoor fun!!

Corbin got busy right away...made a few friends...

Gage, at first, wasn't really feeling the whole "getting wet" thing and wanted to monkey around. (I have no clue what Corbin is doing...he doesn't remember either.)

I knew it would be busy on a Friday at this park, but I had NO IDEA how crazy it was going to be. I wasn't bothered with the school district that brought 3 different (elementary) grade levels to the park...but was super annoyed with the fact that a middle school brought their students!!! The kids were way too big to be on the playground and splash pad! Can't figure out the reasoning behind it...but oh well! My kids were some of the few that didn't get bulldozed...

Okay...I put this picture (above) to show Gagey.. Doesn't it look like he's busting out with a move from Michael Jackson's "Thriller"??

Seriously...I swear...I feed them tons. (of course, they usually don't eat what I feed them...but they get plenty of snack foods to keep them going!)

Corbin is getting much braver with the water...thank goodness. They won't get to do swim lessons until mid-July this year :( Mommy has summer school.

Eating our park picnic usual.

Gagey putting on his own sunblock. He's gotten a lot more independent these days. He wants to pick out his own (crazy) clothes and likes to do almost everything by himself.

Today was an awesome day! Big step for Corbin, losing his first tooth. We celebrated with frozen yogurt and a trip to the outlet mall! (Since Gage was feeling a little left out with the tooth thing, I got him some shorts and a shirt and he picked out new Crocs) The park was a lot of fun too...even among the crowd! I don't have as many pics of Corbin as Gage because Corbin was way too busy playing with friends...and Gage just wanted me to play with him. He has days where he'll play with other people and days where he gets kinda shy. It's going to be interesting on how he reacts when Corbin goes to school in the fall. :(

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