Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Pop!

We headed out to Bonham yesterday to celebrate Pop's Birthday!! Food was yummy, Pop was happy and the boys had a blast playing with Mr. Seth!

Mr. Seth forgot about "crazy camera" Aunt Shawna and actually looked at the camera a few times!! My boys...not so much.

My lil monkey hanging from a tree...with a helping hand from the birthday boy man.

Seth's helmet looks a little like Gage's so when Gage brought his around...Seth nearly imploded thinking Gage stole it.

Riding the motorcyle around is the favorite thing to do at Pop's.

Just to show you how fast it goes...Corbin is running after Gage...and keeping up!

Gage kept insisting that Pop make his go faster.

Corbin loves riding too...but Gage is going to be the one I always have trouble getting off.

My absolute favorite picture of Sethie-toot! He was a little ticked he couldn't ride first, so he's not smiling...but I think it turned out cuter this way than if he was smiling!

My precious lil man helping his cousin!

That is one cute kid!

Seth on the motorcycle. I completely missed the whole "Seth-flying-too fast-without-turning-the-corner" picture! Pop had to grab him off the motorcycle! It was hilarious!

After lunch, it was time to play in a huge sand pile. Pop and Mimi live next to a golf course and they were fixing the sand thingys? Anyway, fun times!! Seth took off his clothes because he kept getting sand on them. ;)

Fun times!! Happy Birthday Pop!

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