Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Bunny?....No problem!

I don't know if you remember, but two years ago the Easter picture included Corbin, Gage and mommy, because Gagey flipped out and didn't want anything to do with the bunny. Last year, Corbin was all by his lonesome sitting in the picture...as I was trying to catch Gage as he fled from the bunny. I had every right to be nervous this year...but didn't have to be!! Both boys were super excited and practically running to the area where the bunny was sitting. About 100 yards away...they slowed way down and got a little nervous. I panicked and immediately made it seem like we were in a hurry to beat the line and sat them right up next to Mr. (Mrs?) Easter Bunny, and said "get the pic quick!"

So neither of them smiled that great...and look a little nervous...but who cares!!! BOTH my boys are in the picture and MOMMY IS NOT!!! Awesome picture if you ask me!

FYI...I won't be sending out Easter cards this year...way way way way too busy. :(
For all the grandparents, aunts and uncles out there...we have some wallets if you want them of this pic.

I will attempt some pictures on Easter Day...so expect those this weekend!

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The Corpian's said...

Easter Bunny- BIG PROBLEM for Lincoln this year. We tried it just because and it was a disaster... I dont care enough to keep trying like I had to at Christmas :)