Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Ya'll!!

Easter festivities officially began on Saturday night! The boys finally got to color their Easter eggs. Man...I don't know about the other mommies out there, but this is an EXTREMELY tense experience for this mommy! It's egg dye people! I am slightly OCD and when the egg dye comes out and it's splashing everywhere as the boys literally throw the eggs into the cups....geez, just thinking about it makes me want to drink. Anyway, the egg decorating pics suck because I make them strip to their underwear and I didnt want to embarrass them. :)

Yep...I gave Gage an egg dipper thingy and a spoon and he still used his hands. (picture me hyperventilating)


Gagey picked monster EASTER eggs...and Corbin picked Glitter Easter eggs.

They look like they are growing fungus...but that's just monster hair!! :)

The boys woke up this morning to this!!! Yep...that crazy bunny got them roller skates! Gage put them on and wiped before moving an inch...Corbin moved an inch and ran over my toes. We'll get the skates back out in about 6-9 months.

We headed to church with the Nicholson-Moody crew this morning. Look at my spiffy, handsome, super cute lil men!

After church, we had lunch at Seth's house! The boys had a blast!

...they even had an egg hunt in the backyard! (fyi...mommy didn't bring the boys Easter basket so Aunt Sarah provided them with pink, Victoria Secret bags) ha!

Corbin, of course, came out with the most loot.

I asked Sethie if he wanted me to take his picture...he said yes...after I came out of shock, I snapped this quick pic!

Corbin and Gage had a great time pushing Seth in the swing.

After Sarah's, the Corpian crew came over for a bbq at our house! Gage is giving Lincoln a lecture about how he needs to be careful around the dog crates because he could get stuck inside.

Lincoln Skywalker.

To end the day, I had Corbin take Lincoln for a ride on the gator! Always a big hit with my boys and Lincoln!!


We had an awesome day!!! Happy Easter everyone!! Now it's time to go study for a horrible math test and pass out. Why are holidays so flippin tiring?