Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend in Review

So much going on this past weekend...and not near enough pictures to show for it. Our weekend started off on Friday when we met up with Chelsi and Carter. custoMOM had some orders to give to Chelsi (which you can check out here ) and what better place to meet then at the park! Here is Corbin, Carter and Gage playing with a girl!

Lincoln, Joey and Michelle decided to meet up with us too!

Such a sad...but super proud moment for mommy! Corbin is officially riding his bike on 2 wheels! :( Super proud of him, but so sad that he is getting so big. I mean...him going to school this year is going to be hard enough!

Star either hating life or loving it...who knows

The BIGGEST treat this weekend...we had a sleepover with Mr. Lincoln!!! He joined us at the motocross races Saturday night...then stayed the night!! I was one happy Aunt Nawna!

When we got home from the races, the boys of course were super dirty. (except Lincoln because he wouldn't walk in the mud(which was only dirt...but 1 year olds don't know that) Although I'm incredibly sore on half my body...I'd do it all over again! Gage was passed out, so Lincoln and Corbin took a much fun...and wet...and what Lincoln would call a "MESS", but well worth it!
Stay tuned!