Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday = RACE DAY!

Saturday afternoon we headed out for daddy's flattrack races! The boys L.O.V.E going to the races! It's loud, dirty, outside, and there are kids to play with...what more could you ask for if you were a little boy?!?!

What a Goofball! I have no idea what he is climbing on or how toxic it is...but it made for a cute picture! What is it with moms taking pics of kids doing something that could possibly be dangerous, instead of demanding they stop at once? Afterwords, instead of shrieking...get off that stuff!..I said, "you might want to get down Corbin before that spills..."

Gage watching the 4-wheeler races with Mimi. Lil man asked me every 5 minutes if he could go race...I think custoMOM should make me a shirt that says..."NO RACING GAGE!" so whenever he learns to read...(because he'll still be asking then I'm sure) shirt can answer for me!

This lil girl is a pal of Corbin & Gage's at the racetrack. I don't like to mention other people's kids names on blogs if I don't know them well...but I will say she has the same name that I was going to use if Corbin was a girl! She loved lil miss star!
*FYI...Star isn't a fan of the motorcycles...typical girl. :)

Corbin and his lil friend talking about who knows what...

Pop, either watching Michael fly around the track, or remembering the time he wiped out at that very same corner...

Last time I tried to take pics of Michael, I stood behind a big fence...which made the pics look horrid. This time...I got up close. This pic isn't zoomed in...I was standing right next to the guys waiting to take their practice laps around the track. I felt really stupid and still didn't get that great of lens isn't the best for these sort of pics.

I wanted to see how good my camera was and see how it would look if the boys through dirt toward me...I wanted to see how much of the dirt came through on the pic...I'm going to leave the photography hobby aside for now and focus on the crafts...

Gage had way too much fun throwing dirt at mom. (what do you think about the dirt track suit with the golf glove look?)

Chasing girls already....Oh boy.

I thought this was too cute. These kids are watching the other kids race. I removed my kids immediately when the big guys came out on the track though.

Michael was about to go out to practice and I snapped this pic of him and his mechanic...aka Pop.

Sethie came to watch Uncle Michael for the first time! Apparently he was super excited until they pulled up to the track and rolled the window down...then decided it was "too loud" and told his mommy to "turn it down!" Aunt Shawna to the rescue with some ear muffs! Crisis over.
Fun times at the track...and I'm sure it' s not my last post about racing days!

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