Friday, March 12, 2010

Park Pics...again

Nothing too exciting to post...but since it's been a week since the last one, I figured something was better than nothing. custoMOM had to meet up with a customer this afternoon to deliver some (super cute) orders and since we were going to be so close to Seth's house, we invited them along! The boys love this much so that they wouldn't look at the camera. (like they ever do!)
Seth was really excited to see Corbin and Gage...can't tell by this pic, but he really was!

My boys!! Gage was watching me resize these photos and whenever he saw a picture of himself he said, " There's your baby, Mommy!" So sweet & true!

There's my baby, Gagey!

The ONLY pic of a kiddo looking at me! Thanks Sethie-toot!

Corbin, of course, immediately found friends and started playing hide-n-seek. The little girl told him to count to 100...and after he got to 19, he went to find them. Close enough...right?

I was on the other end of this see-saw, teeter-todder butt still hurts.
We are headed to the racetrack this weekend and Gammy's house, so I'm hoping to catch some more pictures of kids not looking at the camera...stay tuned!

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