Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle Joey! & I am such a slacker!

Old picture...but it's late...and I don't have any recent pics of Joey with Corbin and/or Gage so this will have to do!! Happy 30th Birthday little brother...and congrats on the promotion. (I added that because it's recent news and because he's wearing his friggin discount tire outfit in the pic!)

For whatever reason, I feel like I never take pictures or post anything anymore! Then I look through the archives...and it really isn't that bad. pics but here is an update!

1. found out I made the dean's list...again. :)

2. Failed a math test...very very going to try hard not to give the teacher the bird the whole classtime tomorrow. (seriously...class average was a 64...and there were many questions that were never taught...)

3. custoMOM is super super super busy...but having a blast! :)

4. Corbin is addicted to Super Mario Bros on Wii. He plays the Wii game and also makes up make-believe games for him and Gage to play and makes up stories about characters in the game and which one of us is a certain character...even the dumb dog.

5. Gage is almost always designated as Luigi.

6. I still hate the dumb dog.

There you go!! Next time I will have some new pics and a better post...hopefully. :)