Friday, March 19, 2010

Triple Trouble!

Today we headed out to Lincoln's neck of the woods for some bounce house fun!! It was mass hysteria, but the boys seemed to have fun! Corbin took off to find his own size friends, of course!

Gagey was a little nervous at first when the mass amount of kids that showed up (daycare)...but he changed his mind after a'll see why in a minute.

Lil Lincoln was just happy to be hanging out with Gage and Gage! ;) (and Nawna, of course!)

...a little helicopter ride.

...and a massive amount of dancing on a dance floor with a bubble machine above.

Little Lincoln getting his groove on...or slipping and falling because of the bubble soap all over the floor. (look at the kid next to Lincoln...hee hee.)

Now here is where Gage decided he was no longer nervous anymore. A Taylor Swift song came on and a group of girls took the stage thinking they were the one and only Taylor Swift! Gage was mesmerized...

Corbin found a little friend too...who looks like a girl, but he wasn't really playing with the girl...just the brother of the girl. He needs to explain this because Mr. Corbin is "ANTI-GIRL" and this mommy hopes he stays that way until he's 18. :)

Until next time...

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