Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Pirate Party for Gagey's 4th Birthday!

What a fun time! Gagey's 4th Birthday Party was this weekend and he had a blast! He picked JumpnLand yet again (he has had 3 parties here), but since it's always such a big hit....we figure it doesn't matter. As long as lil man is happy in the end!

Sorry about my horrible pictures this year...every kid knows I'm crazy lady with the camera and will flat out refuse to look at the lighting was bad and I have no clue how to work the camera...
Yep...Corbin looks beyond thrilled I got my camera out.

Gagey wanted a "pirate" birthday party this year, so everything was skulls and crossbones.

Corbin even managed to talk Gage into getting a cookie cake instead this year. I made these cute lil favors for all the guests and forgot to take a pic. Lil custom treasure boxes with sugary "gold" inside!

Lincoln (cousin)

Seth (cousin)

Blane (cousin)

Corbin and his good buddy Carson...who isn't a cousin, just a friend. (even though Corbin always says they are cousins)

Hannah (friend)

The birthday boy himself...working up a sweat!

Gage and Dakota (cousin) It was really really hot inside this building and about 106 degrees outside!

Molly and Liberty having fun. Molly and Liberty are second or third cousins...I have no idea how all that works... :)


Is it just me or does it look like he wishes he could run me and my camera over?

Carter (friend)

Ella (another friend) Emma, her twin sister, would not look at the camera for anything and even gave me the evil eye a couple times. :( Got this picture by accident...she didn't see me coming!

Some skee ball between friends...I think the game room was a bigger hit than the bounce house room this year.

The best part! Gagey sang "Happy Birthday" with everyone else and when it got to the part with his name, I snapped the pic. He was so happy!

Seth saying "Cheese!" I think he was really happy about his cookie!


Hi Mom.

Party was finally winding down and Gage officially looks fed up with pictures. :) He got some great gifts from friends and family and had a lot of fun with everyone!! Thanks for coming to the party!!

His official birthday is Tuesday and we will be heading to the waterpark probably and then hitting the beach soon after! Stay tuned!

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