Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Batter Up!!

Sunday afternoon, while I was out shopping, the boys and Michael went and got a bat, baseballs and gloves to play some baseball! When it got cooler out, I went with them to "practice". Unfortunately, I have no clue how to work my camera when it's dark, so the picture quality sucks. :(

Gage started out as "ball chaser", going after any balls that Corbin would hit.

It's a hit...notice the ball is a tennis ball...I think Michael was thinking that these balls would hurt a lot less if we got decked with one. :)

Cute lil glove on a cute lil hand.

My lil Babe Ruth.

An overly dramatic catch!

Gage played pitcher...

See those lil dots? Those are the boys catching balls that Michael hit to them.

Corbin got ticked at one point...look at him trying not to smile while being ticked!

Gagey's turn at bat...

We decided that Gagey isn't quite ready for actual baseball, so today we went to Target and got a practice t-ball stand. :) I think he'll have much more fun that way!

Gagey's birthday party is this weekend! Stay tuned for pics!