Monday, August 23, 2010

The First Day...

Our morning started out at 6am. Corbin shot right up and was ready to go to school. I had told him, since it was the first day, we could get donuts. He chose Race Trac gas station donuts. (sigh)

He wanted to pose.

We got to the school a little before opening time, so I took this picture in front. I wasn't alone. Every parent from every grade level was taking turns taking this same picture. Lil man was nervous, but excited.

Kindergarten meets altogether at the same time in the morning. Unbelievable amount of chaos. We took this picture real quick and then went into the mostly empty hallways to do a potty break and take a couple pics.

Corbin in front of his classroom. Mrs. Hall is his current teacher, but this could possibly change at the end of the week. They move the kids around for the first week and will assess the best possible class for each student. I will know Friday for sure who his teacher will be.

Waiting in the room with the million other kindergarteners and the 2 million parents snapping pics, taking video footage and waving madly from across the room. By this time, Corbin started freaking out a bit. The teachers ran behind (first day stuff) and he was in the room a tad too long. He got upset when it was time for goodbyes. (Mommy got upset too...but I waited to break down in the hallway.)

I was wanting to pick up Corbin as soon as we got home and after that, I checked my watch every 20 minutes, wondering if he was okay. When it was time for pickup, which was a complete mess, he was upset again because I took too long to get him. (Not my fault...I was literally stuck in traffic...elementary school traffic.) Corbin told me school was boring except for PE and lunch...and when I said tomorrow would probably be better...he said, "I have to go back tomorrow?" Going to be lots of fun getting him up now. ;) Here's hoping to tomorrow is fun!

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