Sunday, August 29, 2010

The (Corbin's) First Week of School...

I don't know if I told everyone, but Corbin has to be at school by 7:45am every morning! This means that from now on, starting this week...I have to have Corbin, myself and Gage ready and out of the house by 7:20am at the latest! Cross your fingers that happens. :)
Anyway, immediately after dropping Corbin off this week, and since his school doesn't start til after Labor Day...Gage immediately wants to be entertained. Friday morning at 8am...I had the bounce house in the front yard. (Lots of drawing and games have been played during the week also) I sort of feel sorry for the mommies who only have one child. :) Gage meets his teachers' on Friday, with school starting on Wednesday of next week.
Corbin walked out of school on Friday in this t-shirt! :) Class of 2023...He also wanted to show off the picture he colored of his dog, Star. This first week was a rollercoaster for Corbin. He was bounced around between the kindergarten teachers, and from what I can tell, wasn't on a schedule...until Thursday. Thursday and Friday he got to spend the day with his favorite teacher, and on those two days only, did he come out at the end of the day with a smile (Thanks Mrs. H!) . We also found out on Friday that his favorite teacher will be his permanent homeroom teacher for the rest of the year! He is really excited! (and mommy is too!)
I will be driving to Denton five times this week (round-trip), so expect more posts next week...maybe. :) Wish me luck!

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