Thursday, September 24, 2009

Technical Difficulties...

Seriously...what next? I have been so stressed out and overwhelmed since school began this semester...and then even more stressed out doing my first paper for a really hard class, only to be followed by another paper for another class right after that I forgot about until last minute. (only good thing about that is that it was writing my philosophy of ed for my portfolio which I had already done for a previous class and kept it, only having to make minor revisions)

Anyway, to my point of writing...I have two papers due this week, one that I had to turn in today before class...and I wake up this morning to find that my computer had crashed! I got my first real panic attack (hopefully my last one) and completely flipped my lid wondering how I was going to be able to rewrite a paper I wrote at least a year ago...and another one that took me a solid week to write! (and don't forget the being a boyMOM and soccer coach on top of that)

Michael came home super early to see what he could do...and saved the day! He got BOTH of my papers off the computer. (one was saved on the backup thingy that saves things every 2 days, but the paper I had wrote the night before wasn't on there...yet he found a way to get that one back to!!) I seriously don't know crap about computers, so I'm so happy that he knows so much! Crisis diverted about school. I didn't even think at the time either that EVERY picture since the operating room of my c-section with Corbin is on the computer...instead of a panic attack, I probably would have had a heart attack. Everything is fine though...thanks to that backup thingy.

As for the computer...and obscenely long blog post (sorry)...we have lost every program and everything that was on the computer. Until the situation gets fixed...I won't be able to post pics and things. :(

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Erica said...

Geez! What a nightmare! I'm always worried about that happening to my computer! Glad Michael figured it out!! Did you get the e-vite for Cade's party next Saturday. Hope y'all can come! :)