Saturday, September 12, 2009

Seth is turning 2!

A rainy day didn't stop Seth's "Elmo" theme party today at his church! Of course I brought my camera and took a million pictures. Check Sarah's blog soon for more ...but I did want to share some of my favorites!

I wanted a smile from the birthday I put icing on his nose! It worked.

The ONLY child that would willingly look at the camera...and actually SMILE! Sweet Little Hannah.

Lil Gagey eating some cake. (I didn't mean to post this pic, but I'm too lazy to take it out...not one of my favorites...but Gage is cute...)

My absolute favorite pic of the bunch....(it doesn't really matter that he was chasing me down to smack me with the hula hoop...hey, anything for a good shot!)

Action shot! Corbin's soccer festivities were cancelled this weekend due to the rain. Stay tuned for the game next weekend.

Speaking of rain...Gage was checking it out during the party...and probably contemplating on how he could run out in it.

Corbin helping letting the air out of the bounce house.

Another favorite shot that I will never forget due to the disaster that followed right after this shot...(Seth + WAY WAY too much juice = ....) I'll let ya guess :)

on a side note...School was a disaster this week...but I'm hoping for a better one next week. I think I'm managing my time and schedule a little better hopefully I won't have any more panic attacks. Maybe I can blog a little more too...

Stay tuned.

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