Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our Busy Weekend!

We had such a busy weekend! Saturday we started our soccer season...a week late due to rain, but it was an awesome first game!!! As a coach I was pretty happy with the a mom I was SUPER proud! My lil man made the first soccer goal and then continued making goal after goal. According to Michael, Corbin made 4 out of our 7 goals! ( I was way too busy screaming things like....wrong way! STOP! and Kick it!) We ended up winning our first game!! Considering I had a bunch of kids at practice that didnt' want to play soccer...I think that is an accomplishment! :) ...this is the shirt I made for game days for myself! There was no way I was going to wear a soccer jersey to match the boys. :)

Right after the game, we headed to Georgetown, TX for Michael's cousin, Kristi's, wedding. I was lazy and didn't want to bring my new I took just a couple pics with my old camera. Not that interesting...but here are a few pics from the wedding. If you are wondering what the kids are so amazed with...they ALL had went hunting for snails around the historical house of the wedding/reception. They were keeping them on a table and making a little (nasty) collection. Before we left the reception, Corbin said, "Mommy, my hands smell like poop." I guess snails stink and I guess that he thought I was just kidding when I told him not to touch them.

This picture explains how all the kids felt about me taking pictures. Notice I didn't get one of Gage looking at the camera. The ONLY one I got was extremely blurry, but he had the same expression that Corbin does in the above picture.

Stay tuned.

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