Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I know that everyone tells me that long hair is in and I should grow the boys hair out...well I gave it a shot for a while and kept telling myself daily (while trying to control the massive bedhead) that eventually it would look cute...it just takes time. Yesterday Michael said that he was looking at older pictures and now thinks that the boys did look better with shorter hair and maybe we should get it cut. Hmm...so after feeling like a neglectful mother for what seems like forever(I'm sorry...but the boys looked like their mother didn't have the time to get them a decent haircut), I got to take them to get it cut!!!

Gagey was a champ and even offered to go first! In the above picture, his hair is only halfway done, but he's still happy with the shorter 'do, even if it looks like a chili bowl.
Me: "Gage, you have a chili bowl!"
Gage: "What's a 'cheely bowl?"
Me: "Just ask Uncle Joey next time you see him."


Corbin was the polar opposite of Gage. He looks like the lady is trying to kill him.

Gage's head looks a lot smaller without all the extra hair! Although his longer hair looked cute at times...it usually resembled a little helmet...and sometimes after nap, it would morph to look something like a conehead...His hair is like his daddy's. (instead of looking longer...it just looks poofy-er)

Haircut lady: "Do you want me to make your hair like your brothers?"
Corbin: "No."
Haircut lady: "All finished! Doesn't your hair look cool?!"
Corbin: "I hate it."
Haircut lady: "You don't have to stick your hair up if you don't want to. It will look cool down too...now you get to choose a lollipop!"

Finished...and has forgotten how much he hates his hair. Thank you Dum dum sucker!

So happy with the shorter hair! I kept contemplating about getting it cut or not, considering it's the cool style to have these days...I came to the conclusion that one day, I'm not always going to get to make these choices. When they get older...they will want to keep up with the trends...no matter how ridiculous I think they are. I don't want them to ever say things like "Remember when mom MADE me wear those dorky "insert whatever here". They are too young now to care about their dorky clothes and hairstyles. When they are a little older...it will be a different story. They should never think back on a memory and only remember how humiliated they were by something their mom made them wear. For example, if a mom made her daughter wear pig-tails on a 6 Flags trip with 2 friends who got to wear pony-tails. ( I still love you mom!) Don't remember anything about that day...except that I was completely upset about my pig-tails.
Who knows if I will actually be able to let the boys make their own style decisions...I'm really going to try...just not yet!

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