Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So...we went to our 2nd playgroup for this summer at a splashpad in Frisco. The boys had fun, of course, and are already excited about the next playdate!

Mr. Lincoln walking around getting wet. :) He walks like a pro now! Everyone is always talking about how much he looks like Joey... which I like because there is that slight chance this kiddo will look more like his Aunt Shawna...more than her own kids look like her! :)

Lil precious boy...looking at the camera. Not that easy to get him to...I had to lie and ask him if I had something on my forehead.

Carter-man. (why on earth does the shadow of my arm look so muscle-y?)

Gagey begged for a swing I gave in. You can tell by this picture how hot it was outside today. I wanted him to stay in the water to cool off..but he still won that most battles.

Ooh La La...the Stewart Girls checking out the splashpad. I didn't get a picture, but after the girls arrived, Gagey walked around with one of them (Emma?) and wouldn't leave her alone. Such a little ladies man. (Hey...they are only 6 months apart...there could be a wedding in their future!)

Hee hee. Stinker ran through some water....hence..the funny face. He has such a Gerber baby mouth, don't ya think?

Ladies man AND helper. Gage spent about 15 minutes trying to put on Carter's shoe for him....and Carter let him do it. Carter and Gage will be good friends..until they realize they like the same girl. Carter has the "hots" for Ella...and Gage was trying to steal her away all day. Of course, not knowing one girl from the other...Gage would be the good sport and go after Emma instead. :) It's a preschool soap opera in the making!

Corbin. I thought Corbin would be bummed today because his good friend, Carson, couldn't make it to the playdate...but he had a blast playing with some other kids. He took a short break to eat lunch, but then was off again. He's such a social butterfly and makes friends wherever he goes.

We had lots of fun today and can't wait until next time!


Erica said...

Soap opera in the making-that's perfect!! Too funny! It was good seeing y'all...I didn't even tell Carson that we saw Corbin, he would have been very sad! I love your new blog ayout!

Erica said...

layout not ayout!! : )

The Corpian's said...
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The Corpian's said...

Jeez, that last pic of Corbin looks exactly like Michael. Lincoln and Corbin both look like their Daddys! I still have a chance Lincolns mom looks will make a comeback.

The Corpian's said...

I had a typo on my first comment, I tried to delete it, that is why it was removed :)