Saturday, July 25, 2009

Spending a Friday with Cousins

Today was a fun-filled day among cousins. First we headed over towards Joey and Michelle's house to visit with Lincoln. After that, we went to a really cool McDonald's in Little Elm for lunch. The play area was set up like a huge pirate ship! Fun times!

Corbin enjoying some nuggets.

Gagey came over to watch Lincoln eat his first happy meal!

Sweet Gage. (yep...I was up in the jungle gym helping Lincoln out!)


Me, Lincoln, Corbin and Gage would make a train going down the slide....of course I could only take a picture of the boys. :)

Gagey enjoying our favorite food at dippers!

After nap and the gym, we headed to Watters Creek in Allen for dinner with Shawn, Sarah, and Seth! There was a live band and running room for the kids!

Can you find Corbin and Gage?

Mr. Mischief

Coolin' off in the creek

Watching the band...

Corbin. (have no clue what Gage was the duck a kiss?)

Crazy boy...

Mr. Seth had a fascination with my purse the whole he is putting on my (glitter) lipgloss.

me and my sweet(grumpy)boy!
Fun times! Until next time...

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Sarah said...

We had fun!! Maybe the next time we go, Michael will like the band a little better. :) Ice cream was good though.