Sunday, July 26, 2009

Is 4 Too Young for a Sleepover?

Considering these boys started their friendship from the womb...I think not!!

(excuse the quality of the above picture...its a pic of a pic)

Right when we got to the house...they all immediately sat down with a book!!! I was thinking that this could be a pretty peaceful night...

I was wrong!! Although I wouldn't call the night peaceful by any means...they played awesome together. There were hardly any tears or accidents (except for a picture frame...but there is always glue) :)

Now...accidents did begin to happen when I had the bright idea to pull the gator out. Lincoln stopped by for a visit and I KNEW he would find the gator a big hit, so we headed off to the elementary school park. Here is a pic of Corbin, Linc, and Carson. (Gage had just fell out the back of the gator and decided being held to the park was the better option)

After Carson had quadruple flipped off the back of the gator without shedding a tear...Gage gave it another shot. (**Carson was fine...just a little scrape to the's didn't deter him from getting back on)

Man...the belly shot above is about 5 years from this shot....BOY HOW THEY'VE GROWN!

After the filthy park, it was bathtime!

I made them all sleep on a pallet on the floor because I was afraid of injuries occuring in the bunk beds overnight. I let them fall asleep watching SpiderMan 3.
Overall it was a great time and they all behaved perfect!!

I bet you can guess what I get to do now?? :)
Happy Birthday Ms. Erica!! I hope your 31st was a good one! XOXOX

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