Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lil Swimmers!

For the past couple weeks, Corbin & Gagey have been in swim lessons...their first time since they were born. Mommy always waited way too late to try to sign them up...and the swim classes would always be full! This year...I finally got them in!

Hanging out before class started.

Oh....Gage. He DID NOT make swim lessons easy these past couple weeks. He was a couple months too young for Corbin's class, so we had to do a "mommy & me" class. Seriously bad idea! He yelled at me everytime I tried to make him do something.

Corbin on the other hand was a little fish!!! He is doing awesome in his swim class and LOVES every minute of it! He actually tells me every day after class that he thinks the classes are too short! (LOVE this pic...he just noticed that his daddy came to watch him swim today!)

Mr. Steve teaching Corbin something. Corbin has two swim teachers in his class...but he only talks about Mr. Steve. (I think the other teacher is just someone who makes sure kids don't drown while Mr. Steve teaches)

Gage gave up on his class today (or mommy got tired of getting yelled at) so he's watching Corbin from the sidelines. Here he's yelling at me about something....ugh.

Gage wading in the water telling me "I not going under!!!"

Corbin practicing jumping feet first into shallow water.

I'm so proud of BOTH my boys! Corbin isn't afraid of getting water in his face anymore and is loving going under water now! Gage can "monkey crawl" on the side of the pool like a champ and loved singing all the songs that the teachers made US sing. (MOTORBOAT, MOTORBOAT...step on the gas!!) Tomorrow is our last day of class...and although Corbin will be sad...Mommy and Gage will be celebrating!!
Here is to next year and getting to watch BOTH boys from the sidelines! :)

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