Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Part 3 of Summertime Playgroup

Today was the 3rd playgroup of the summer for us, so we met our friends up at Celebration Park to splash around and have some fun.

Lincoln definitly wasn't going to get a sunburn with his abundance of sunblock on. (that stuff was super thick and would not rub in!)

Gagey taking a little snack break..you can tell by his face how hot it was out today.

Corbin was a little upset that his good friend Carson wasn't able to make it today...but he still had fun on the splashpad playing with other kids!

"Stinker" was not camera shy at all!

Emma...or Ella.
AFter the park, we headed over to ChickfilA for some ice cream and playtime. Yum.
We had fun with all our friends and are looking forward to next time!!

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