Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"S" is for...

S is for "Splashpad". Today the boys and I headed to the park behind our house and found out that they started the water up for the Summer Season. You can just imagine how excited they were!

S is for "skinny-mini". Gagey liked to sprint around the splashpad.

S is for "Sethie-toot", who at first wasn't too sure about the water.

S is for "SOAKED!", which Gagey took first place at! He didn't hesitate a second to run through the chilly water.

S is for "Shiver". My future lil' studmuffin was cold...but didn't stop!

S is for "Sag". S probably should have been for swim diaper but Aunt Shawna had no clue that the water would be on at the park. Seth was definitly sagging...and not in the stylish way. :)

S is for "Starving". The boys were more than ready to eat their lunch!

S is for "Sandwich". Corbin is the king at making big, lunchable sandwiches!

S is for "Sweet". Three sweet boys eating some sweets. (oreos)
We had a SUPER fun-filled day in the SUN!

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The Corpian's said...

I know you can always go to Sarahs, but you will have to start coming to our house too in the summer so we have someone to go to the pool with! Gotta teach Lincoln!