Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Some random pics of our Memorial Day weekend...started out Saturday morning with a sweet brother moment. I will read books to the boys and Corbin will re-read them to Gage. I think it's so sweet.

Later Saturday morning and all afternoon we spent time at Celebration Park! Although I thought it was a little too chilly for the splash pad (we actually had to go back to the house after some begging by the boys to get swim clothes), the boys and a million other kids had a great time!

YEP! My boys were the only ones there that insisted on wearing goggles through the splashpad.

Sweet Gagey on the see-saw.

Sunday we spent the day running errands and getting groceries. The boys got a surprise for being good at Walmart. Here is Gagey painting with sidewalk chalk paint....which was actually Corbin's surprise present...

...and here is Corbin playing with the chalk rake..which was Gagey's present.

Okay...I had to add this picture that was taken today. Has anyone ever seen the movie "Multiplicity" with Michael Keaton? Doesn't Gage looked like "#3" from that movie. hee hee.

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The Corpian's said...

I really wish Lincoln would start walking! Once he is able to wonder around he would have so much fun at places like that. I cant imagine it being a ton of fun on his knees!