Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mommy's Science Field Trip!!

The science class I'm in this semester is called Science in the Classroom. Our teacher scheduled for us to go on a field trip with a group of 5th graders. She also said that anyone with kiddos could bring I did! The boys were super excited to go on a field trip to the Trinity River Audubon!

All the 5th graders (and college student kids) got these little science journals to fill out during all the activities.

They learned about all the creatures in the pond and river and was given a chance to identify some in some pond water.

Corbin and the little girl of a classmate of mine automatically dug in to touch all the creepy crawlers. Gage?...not so much. He just watched.

Of course, there was a sediment and erosion lesson, so here Gage is trying to figure out what the heck this big bathtub full of sand was doing in the middle of the building.

Next was an hour long hike...the most boring hour long hike EVER!! The dude from the place kept making everyone be super quiet and enjoy and think about their surroundings. Above is Gage being quiet and still and enjoying the surroundings!

Corbin found a ladybug!!

Our kids were much more eager to go on the hike than the 5th graders we were with. Me and my classmate were following all the 5th graders and they were literally dragging their feet. (don't blame was flippin boring.) Science is suppose to be fun for kids. They made it so serious. No wonder kids don't like it at that age. (sorry...had to vent)

This time they found a caterpillar or centipede of some sort...although it was slow, they had a heck of time trying to pick it up without pinching it...

of course they were unsuccessful and it fell.

At the end, I told the boys that they could get something from the gift shop if they were good on the hike! Both Gage and Corbin picked something out of the 50 cents bin! (woo hoo!!) Gage wanted his open immediately. I tried to tell him if he dropped his sticky lizard, it wouldn't work anymore...but he insisted that he wouldn't.

literally 2 minutes later.
fyi...I wouldn't suggest this place to anyone with kids under the age of 7....and if you do go...steer clear of the dude working there with the glasses! I think the boys would have had more fun if it was just us and I was letting them run around and look at everything. The classes were lectures more than doing things and was too much for little kids. (over their heads)

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