Saturday, February 6, 2010

I've been slacking a bit... I've been stinkin it up on posting as often as I usually do, but I have good reasons. I mean I did just start a new semester (that has barely any homework) and I did finally get around to starting my own lil business (already over 100 fans on facebook!), but the biggest problem on posting is I can't ever get pics of the boys...they HATE when I get out my camera. (especially after their valentine pic card...which you should be recieving shortly). So...I posted a pic from last month. Crazy boys...speaking of crazy...

I made my first t-shirts with my Cricut....and then sewed them BY HAND!!! Wow. I don't think I've sewed anything since a home economics class in middle school...but they sure did turn out cute! (and I think I only poked myself 150 times!) Yeah...I won't be adding these items to my business blog until I get mom's sewing machine!! :)

I promise to try to get some new pics in the very new future...which shouldn't be too hard since we have two birthday parties to go to in the next couple weeks!!

(*for anyone who wants to know about my school...I still hate math, my science class is super fun and my reading class is super early...but isn't too bad so far! The best part is I barely have any work to do. I think I'll get more busy in my reading class...but the other classes don't have much at all.)
(*for anyone who wants to know about the boys' school...they LOVE it!! When I picked Corbin and Gage up on Wednesday, Corbin didn't want to go and said to leave him there longer. They have separate little friends they play with and have so much fun! Such a relief!)

Until next time!


The Corpian's said...

We got our card, it was super cute :)

Erica said...

I loved the card! The kids LOVED that the boys had been kissed soooo many times!! :)