Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's a GIRL!!

Not exactly the girl I wanted...but she will have to do! Meet the new member of the family...STAR Nicholson! Lil Miss Star is an almost 10 week old french bulldog. (Same dog as the Ashton Kutcher movie Just Married) I'm not super happy that she's part of the family at this time...but she IS super cute and probably the only "girl" I will ever get to dress up! (unless by some miracle, Sarah has a baby girl one day...but fat chance of that considering there are 5 boys on that side of the fam!) ;)

The boys absolutely L.O.V.E this lil dog. Gage, being only 3, doesn't seem to understand that she doesn't need to be carried all the time, but he's getting a little better every day. Gage and Star "race" down the hallway all the time... super cute. (and super funny!)

I'm probably going to regret saying this...but Star is super smart and has BARELY had any accidents in the house. Quantity 2 pee accidents and Quantity 2...possibly 3 poop accidents. I say possibly because french bulldogs are known to eat their poo...and I'm still contemplating if that is a good or bad thing...less work for me!

She is pretty good at going to the patio door and has already gone in and out of the doggy door. She is a puppy and loves to chew...but so far no bite marks on shoes or furniture. (fyi...if she ever does bite furniture...she's going to end up like the dog from the Ashton Kutcher movie)

Mr. Corbin was the one who named her. He has done so good with her, and considering how much of a lapdog she is...and how hyper Corbin is, I thought that he would have started ignoring her by now. He plays with her and when she whimpers and wants on the couch with him, he will hold her and rub her ears until she passes out. Very sweet.

She still likes to sleep quite a bit like a baby...but like a baby, it's getting a little less daily.
Stay tuned...I'm sure there will be many more stories and rants about our newest member of the family!


Chelsi said...

She's so cute! Where did you get her?

The Schrobilgens said...

She is adorable! Can't wait to hear more stories and see lots of pics!