Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Valentine Twin Friends...turn 4!

On Valentine's Day, we headed out to Arlington (what I like to call the city of horrid traffic) to celebrate Emma & Ella's birthday! The boys had a lot of fun and unfortunately, mommy wasn't in the picture taking mood to get any decent pics...but thought I would share them anyway! Gagey, my lil heartbreaker, of course loved the cake and ice cream! He didn't even get any on his custom-made Vday shirt by customom . ;)

Another pic of Gagey playing some sort of "musical chair" type game with dots on the ground...The weird about my pictures??? I seem to have a million pics of Gage and very few of Corbin, yet the whole time we were there...I could never find Gage.

Crawling during the musical chair (dot) game...Corbin is in this one!

A lineup of the birthday guests...I think they are about to play some sort of "zoo" tag game.

Gagey checking out the cute girls at the party...

The best picture I got of the best buddies...Corbin (in his vday shirt by customom) & Carson. They look so sweet...but don't let them fool ya...they were in the process of cutting up the "princess" napkins and stabbing them with their forks. (Girl stuff is so yucky!)

Happy Birthday Emma & Ella! We hope you had a great birthday!


Erica said...

I love the pictures!! I was hoping to post about it yesterday, and it never happened! The girls LOVE their charm bracelets, and I already have their frames up on their bookshelf. Thank y'all soooo much for coming! :) Have an awesome week!

Anonymous said...