Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super Sweet Boys & some SNOW!

We headed out to Mickey D's to meet up with Lincoln, Joey and Michelle today! The boys had some fun bonding time! I am really shocked that I got some decent pics of the boys. They actually LOOKED at the camera! (this one I said "Corbin" and he was happy playing with a friend, so he didn't really KNOW I had the camera!)

Gagey, of course, hung out at the touch screen games the whole time! This is a genuine smile...with a big bite of food in his mouth.

This picture is posting the wrong's suppose to be landscape...don't know why, but it sure is cute anyway! (imagine that...another cute pic with a big chunk of food!)
This picture shows you I wasn't lying about the huge bite!

Isn't this adorable? Lincoln walked up to the table and started saying "GAGE!GAGE!GAGE!" and when Corbin (who he calls Gage) didn't listen...he decided to act like he was really interested in what Gage (Corbin) was doing.

...he even made himself comfortable and cheered on Corbin during his game.

I took this picture because I was kinda hoping Joey would slip or something running in after starting the car...didn't happen, but this is still funny. Just think...if he would have fell...with his hands in his pockets...I'm laughing about it and it didn't even happen.

It snowed ALL.DAY.TODAY. Normally I would be annoyed by it, but it got me out of class it's okay. The boys LOVED the snow and having a snowball fight with daddy.

They even attempted a snowman.

A super-fun snow-filled day with some sweet boys...what more can you ask for?

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The Schrobilgens said...

Love all the new pics. I couldn't stop laughing either at the picture of Joey and the image that came to my head of what he would have looked like had he have fallen :) Welcome to a wonderful winter wonderland and glad to hear you were able to have classes cancelled.