Sunday, January 31, 2010

UN- Amazing Jakes

Saturday night we wanted to take the boys to a fun place to eat, so we headed over to a place called Amazing Jakes....I have so many issues with this place, but I'll start with the name. They are false advertising by calling this place Amazing anything! The only thing that was amazing is that I left without punching anyone out! Above is a picture of the boys riding one of the 3 kiddie rides in the kiddie area...which comes to problem #2. This place is massive with a kiddie area of 3 rides. There were also go-karts and bumper cars. They were too short for the bumper cars and after waiting at least 45 minutes in the line for the go-karts, we stepped out because of the massive issues with people line jumping and the employees kept stopping the cars to literally scream at the people who were bumping into each other. Fun times...

The boys enjoyed playing some bowling...that didn't work at first, so mommy had to go search for an employee. Come to find out...all the employees were busy trying to break up a massive group of thug kids that were about to fight.,.later we even figured out that the employees were all friends with the massive thug group. Problem #3: massive amount of thug kids (and grown ups) go to this place.

Problem #4: Probably about 50% of the games actually worked and the ones that worked, didn't spit out tickets when it was suppose to. Problem #5: One girl behind the ticket prize counter. (probably because all the other employees were hanging with their thug friends) Mommy lost her cool behind this counter once with a group of kids that refused to move and let other people have their turn. After waiting for maybe 30 minutes in the same spot, I bribed Gage that we could go to Walmart and buy him some presents instead. It was almost 10pm.

Problem #6: The food S-U-C-K-E-D! No other word to describe it. I will NEVER EVER go back to this place, except maybe during the weekday during lunch to actually get Gagey his prizes he so well deserved! This place pretty much made me lose all interest in ever going back to the mall its attached to. UGH!! The biggest waste of $ unless you're a thug, or you feel like going to jail over popping someone...steer clear of Amazing Jakes!

**didn't have much time to take pics because I was afraid that thugs would steal my purse and/or camera, or push my kids out of the way and take over their games (actually happened twice) ** I'm incredibly thankful that I had my crap camera there instead of my Nikon.


The Schrobilgens said...

That is aweful! It sounds like it would have been a really great place to hang out but not in those situations. Perhaps during the day when all of the thugs are in school will be better :)

Sarah said...

Sorry we missed that one. :) We've noticed the same thing about that whole mall. Probably don't want to go there after dark. Ha, ha!