Sunday, January 3, 2010


Sunday's can be considered a relaxing, boring, hanging around the house in your pj's kind of day...not in our house! Although we did stay home all day we were busy! :)

The Wii has just become a new family addiction. I think the boys (Michael especially) played Mario Kart for the majority of the day! I stink at Mario Kart, but I love Dance Dance Revolution and I did actually beat Michael and the boys at a game of bowling tonight! ;)

During the Mario Kart madness, Lincoln and Michelle came for a visit! Lincoln had fun playing around with the Zhu Zhu pets, McDonalds playland, toy screwdrivers and motorcycles...Gage joined in on his fun, but Michael and Corbin...never left the Mario Kart game! Above pic is during lunch eating what Gage refers to as "horn dogs." Lincoln is a big fan too! He immediately recognized them when I got them out of the freezer.

Mario Kart finally got turned off and everyone celebrated with some ice cream! The boys are trying to hide their faces from me taking their picture...These actually turned out cuter than if I would have had them pose. :)
Dinnertime is the most stressful time of day for mommy. If the boys don't like dinner, they always demand a peanut butter & jelly...tonight I let them make it themselves. I figure it might deter them to eat the original dinner if I told them they had to make their own...but of course it didn't! Gage's sandwich ended up being 95% jelly 5% peanut butter...imagine that!

We had a great Sunday today even if we were just hanging out at home! Yesterday was family fun day at Grapevine Mills and today was family fun day hanging at the house! Great weekend altogether!

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Erica said...

Mario Kart is getting lots of use at our house too! I am terrible at it! We don't have Dance Dance Revolution...we need to try that! Thanks again for fixing my blog!! :)