Monday, January 11, 2010

Gagey & his "motorcycle"

Since it was halfway decent today outside, I got the boys out of the house and over to the park! Of course, Gage had to ride his motorcycle...aka a scooter to most people, but if you dare call it that in our will get yelled at by Mr. Gage. It's a motorcycle and he is a motorcycle racer. You can catch him racing almost anytime of the day, usually through our house...but today he got to race "45 motorcycle racers" outside. (his new favorite number these days) If you look closely you can see that his "motorcycle goggles" are hanging on the handlebars. (toy pair of safety goggles from his toolbench)

He also has to wear his motorcyle racing clothes while he rides his "motorcycle." He is wearing motocross pants and a matching motocross shirt under his jacket ...which he threw the biggest fit about wearing...supposedly he can't race with a jacket over his racing clothes!! Mommy won that fight though...and I have a feeling mommy will be fighting a lot more with him in the future about racing! ;)

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The Schrobilgens said...

He is so adorable!!! Oh boy I don't know how I would feel about racing either. A little too fast for me so good luck with that one :)