Saturday, August 15, 2009

A SCOOBY-riffic Birthday Party!

Today was Gage's 3rd Birthday Party and he had a blast!! He was very insistent on (a)having his birthday at a place with bounce houses and (b) having a Scooby-Doo birthday!

Before all our guests arrived...Corbin and Gage played in the game area with daddy.

Sweet cousins enjoying a ride on a batmobile.

Carter and Gage played skee-ball...quite violently if you ask me. No one was injured though, so I guess that's all that counts. :)

Next it was time for the bounce house room and the main attraction was the gigantic slides! Picture is of Corbin flying down the slide...

...and Carter flying down the slide...

...and Gagey...about to fly down the slide!

Sethie, on the other hand, could have cared less about the slide. His feet barely touched the bounce houses actually. :)

After some fun jumping, we headed to the party room to have some cake!! (cupcake)

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday, dear Gage...Happy Birthday to you!"

Half the party shoveling down some sugar!

Of course Corbin & Carson never left each others sides.


Mommy & Uncle Joey

Mommy & Uncle Jared



When the party was coming to an end...Gagey handed out his loot bags to all his friends! He had a great time! Thanks for coming everyone!

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Erica said...

Just got a chance to catch up on your new posts! I love all of the pictures of the kids when y'all came over! :) I'm missing summer already!