Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Celebrating Gage's Birthday "Hawaiian"-Style!

Since Gage's birthday party isn't until this weekend, we decided to go to Hawaiian Falls to celebrate his big day!! Aunt Sarah and Seth, Uncle Joey, Aunt Michelle and Lincoln all met us up there to have some fun in the sun! :)

I don't know about Lincoln and Seth...but the waterpark was a HUGE hit with my boys!!!

There were many areas with running water that was perfect for Lil Joey...I mean Lincoln. :) Seriously...could the child look any more like his daddy in this picture?

Sweet Corbin posing for mom.

I didn't get one shot of all 4 kiddos looking at the camera...this one was the best shot.

Love this pic! Don't really know what Lincoln is doing...but I'm guessing the water or his hands were cold on Corbin's belly!

Lunch break! (I got a better shot of the boys all eating, but Aunt Sarah made the shot and she probably wouldn't have appreciated being on the blog with the face she was making) You're welcome Aunt Sarah!

Sethie eating some VANILLA ice cream....yep, a very colorful vanilla!

The birthday boy eating his ice cream...

...and Corbin eating his. Although it melted super fast, it was a huge hit!

Nothing was a bigger hit than the wave pool though. Corbin & Gage L.O.V.E.D the wave pool more than any other attraction. They would get so excited when the waves started and so annoyed when they would stop for the 10 minute time intervals...every minute they would ask me when the waves would come back on. Corbin preferred riding in the oversized tubes...

...and Gage would "fight" the waves with his life jacket on. I took this picture of the birthday boy right before we were going to leave the waterpark. He looks pretty tired, huh? It's probably because we had been at the waterpark for SEVEN HOURS!!! yep...that's right. Mommy has an extremely sore back and a horrid sunburn to prove it! The boys had such a good time though, that I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!
Gage and Corbin had a blast and we are excited to go again...probably look into getting season passes next year! Gage's birthday isn't over yet though...we still have the party in a few days!

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Sarah said...

Thanks for not posting the pic of me. I probably wouldn't have minded the face as much as the fact that I was in my bathing suit. :) We had a good time!