Friday, August 7, 2009

Nicholson Boys Update...

I haven't been posting near as often as I usually do, so I thought I would give everyone a little bit of whats going on lately...

Can't really tell from this picture...but the boys are dancing! They were excited to go play at the splashpad, and could barely sit still for a picture!

My sweet baby turns 3 in a couple be expecting a full blown, all-about-Gagey post soon. :)

Mr. Corbin has a sore tooth that will be getting taken care of this week, but other than that, he's the same ole Corbin. (who obviously from the look in this picture is still sick of posing for pictures when he's way too busy playing!)

Although 99.9% of the time these boys are actually trying to find ways to annoy each other (and drive me mad) here they are about to run through the sprinklers together...holding hands. Right when I feel like jumping off a cliff...a moment like this pulls me away and makes me smile. :) Sweet boys.

Did I mention my lil man is turning 3 this next week?!?! Expect MANY posts in the coming days...between birthday's and dentist's visits, our week is a full one!

We ended our night tonight with the usual ride to the park. Again, the expressions on both their faces tells me I took too many pics today...
Although I haven't posted near as often as usual...expect an overload in the next few days!

( injuries...just some bandaid fun)

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