Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Gagey!

3 years ago today, at 5:30p.m...Gage Thomas Nicholson joined our family!!! I don't know if it's because he's the second child or what...but these past 3 years have flown by!

Here is Gage his first day home from the hospital...I was just going through his baby book the other day and pretty much everything I documented had to do with baby reflux...and how bad Gagey had it! ;)

Gagey at his 1st birthday bash! Look at his little teeth on the bottom! So cute!!! This is about the age he got to when he figured out that he could stand up to Corbin and take things away and RUN if need be. :)

His 2nd birthday party was at the same place he is having his 3rd birthday party! We let him pick and we thought it was a good idea...this kid is full of energy and a bounce house party is the right way to go!!!

Gagey woke up this morning and Corbin gave him his first birthday present. :) Shortly after this, we got ready and headed to a waterpark to celebrate his big day since his party isn't until this weekend....I will post waterpark pics tomorrow!
Gagey Thomas...we love you and wish you a very happy 3rd birthday!!!
Stay tuned ...

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