Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Last Summertime Playdate

Today was the final playdate of the summer. I am so happy that Chelsi suggested the lil' playgroup, because we got to see all of our friends a lot these last couple months!! Although we will still see them during the school year...we're going to miss seeing our friends as often as we have. :)

We made the long trek out to Arlington to meet our friends at Erica's house for some fun! She had a waterslide and wading pools out back to keep everyone from getting too hot! Almost ALL the kids gravitated to the powerwheels...The picture above is Corbin and Gage's good buddy, Carson, giving his sister Ella a ride in her pink convertible. Can you believe it...I could actually differentiate the twins today...I'll explain why later...

Gagey about to soak someone...who probably doesn't know they are about to get wet.

Corbin...annoyed at me. SHOCKER!
(FYI...Corbin's tooth is doing great! He did a pretty good job at the dentist this week and is happy he can eat on both sides of his mouth.) :)

Oh boy...this was a first. Poor Carter had a mini-meltdown in the backyard. Since I've never seen it before...I had to take a pic to document. Being tired and hot weather don't mix. :)

Gage in his all white outfit eating a snack. I don't know why I bought him a completely white outfit. I was 100% sure it would be worn once, stained and never worn again. He didn't get anything on it the whole time at Erica's, but the minute he got home, he got strawberries all over it. No harm done though...after a quick cycle through the's like new!

Corbin eating some pizza..yum!

Eating some cupcakes after the pizza...double yum.

The 3 stooges...Corbin, Carson & Gage. These boys love their costumes!

Remember above how I said I can finally differentiate the twins...well, I went looking for Gage in Erica's house and found him...sitting in a tiny chair with Miss Ella. Doesn't his face look like he's guilty of something?...or scared of Ella? These two crazy kids are only 6 months apart. Maybe they were talking about their future dating plans.

Our lil group today...well most of it. There was one other little boy and girl that played today, but since I don't really know them, I don't feel comfortable putting them on the blog. it just me or is Gage and Ella checking each other out? :) I'm telling you...we might have a problem with these two in the future!

Emma, Carson, Corbin, Gage, Carter & Ella

Carter and Gage bonded in the pink convertible. Carter was way too busy concentrating on driving...and don't worry, I made Gagey take off that suit in the heat not long after this pic.

Next up...crazy Gage's 3rd Birthday Party!! Stay tuned for that...
Thanks for having us today, Ms. Erica!! We had a blast and can't wait to do this every summer! XOXOX

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