Friday, April 3, 2009

Tickle Tactic

The boys figure if they tuck into a little would be harder for me to tickle them. We were playing a goofy game where they would say something silly and I would run and tickle them for saying it. EVERY TIME they would assume this position. I especially love Gagey in this picture peeking out to see if I was about to get them...

Corbin wasn't really upset in this picture...he was trying to make a funny face or something because I told them to "strike a pose"

The boys are headed to the motorcycle track with daddy for the weekend and mommy has no idea what to do with herself! (I have to stay because of my weekend class I'm taking) Anyway, I'm planning on getting a TON of homework done and maybe rent a movie or something.

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Chelsi said...

Cute! What will you do with yourself! :)