Friday, April 24, 2009


Here we and my birthday buddy! Lincoln and I were born on the same day...April 25th...30 years apart! Lil man turns 1 tomorrow and I turn...well, you can do the math yourself! Because of scheduling conflicts, we celebrated our big day tonight by going to eat at Pasado's. You can see more pics on Lincolns blog. Pics may be slightly out of order...

Gagey. He was wondering when the cake would be out the whole time.

Pretty green-eyed boy with teeth!

Finger-lickin' good!

Tinker-toot and his mommy. (geez...I wonder if they look alike?)

"Daddy...I got some blue stuff...on my finger."

The Corpian Fam. (ha ha...if you look real closely or click on the'll see Joey completely covered in "blue stuff")

Dakota. This picture is old, but I wanted to acknowledge my other birthday buddy on Michael's side of the family...Dakota is turning 7 tomorrow and because of my lovely weekend class...we can't make it. :( We're thinking about you and hope you have a great birthday!!
TINKER-TOOT...have a great time tomorrow at Great Wolf Lodge!!! I really hope you liked your birthday present!! Aunt Shawna loves giving you things that will drive your mommy and daddy bananas! :)

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