Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Easter Weekend

Our holiday officially started out on Saturday. Since it was such a pretty day out...Michael had the boys out on their bikes. Doesn't Gagey look thrilled that I'm taking his picture?

Michael is trying to get Corbin to take off the training wheels and start practicing on just 2 wheels...but Corbin isn't quite ready for that yet. :)

Saturday night was Easter with the Corpians!
Linc-a-doo and his lollipop!

After dinner, the boys started decorating Easter eggs. (Gages face is filthy from helping daddy in the garage beforehand. I didn't bother cleaning him up before the Easter egg mess!)

Some of the finished eggs after the boys dyed them. They did a really great job this year!(By great job..I mean that no eggs were smashed...just slightly cracked.)

After the eggs dried, Corbin started decorating them with stickers. Gage was not interested in this part. I think at this time, he was in the bedroom eating a frozen gogurt with daddy.

Random picture...but I thought that the gifts from Aunt 'chele, lincoln and joey were cute in front of the Easter bunny pics!

Here is what the boys saw first thing in the morning!

I L.O.V.E. this pic!! Gage was rudely woken up by Corbin this morning and wasn't loving having to pose for a pic in their new fireman outfit from the Easter bunny. Although my camera took a HORRIBLE picture....I thought the faces on the boys were priceless!

Sunday morning was off to church and then over to Aunt Sarah's for lunch and an Easter egg hunt. Aunt Sarah didn't disappoint in the egg department! Here is Corbin posing with his bag of eggs he found. (I think we'll get Aunt Sarah to foot the bill to the dentist.) hee hee.

Sethie eating his eggs. He didn't bother to find as many eggs as possible. He would find an egg and open up and eat the prize.

Gagey with his eggs. (Excuse my horrible picture taking skills...not only do I take bad pics..but the camera never wants to cooperate either.)
Happy Easter everyone!! Now I need to start studying for my first big math test this semester....pray for me to pass...and pray that no school district EVER tries to make me a math teacher...and if they do...pray for the kids that will have to learn it from me. :)

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