Monday, April 20, 2009

Just another Manic Monday...

Since I switched my grocery day from Monday's to Sunday's we had a little extra time today and decided that since it was such a pretty day out...we'd head out to the park!! Lil Corbin is taking a break from riding his scooter around the splash pad...which of course, isn't on yet. :) He's such a little "poser" when it comes to pictures. I can't wait for Chelsi to get some good ones of him soon!

Here is my lil wild man, Gage. The sidewalks and concrete weren't dangerous enough for scooter ridin', so he took to the jungle gym. (Where is this boy's mother at?!?!?)

Then there was Seth. He also likes to walk on the danger side of things...from which he usually needs saved. (I had just had to get him off the "big kids" jungle gym, because he didn't realize he was scared of heights until he got up there. ) Anyway, here he is pretending to ride Gage's scooter. :)

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The Corpian's said...

Corbin looks so old in that picture, he is really growing up!