Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mommy's Old and New School Visits

This morning we had to run school errands for mommy! We went to TWU to get her id, parking permit ($60!!!!) and books. I couldn't get the whole sign in the picture or I would have been hit by a car. It was freezing out if you can't tell by the boys in their heavy coats!!

Here is Seth at CCCC picking up Aunt Shawna's current transcript. He just had to see the water fountain...and was so excited he nearly fell in 3 times. The boys were great helpers in stopping him from going over the edge. This is the only picture that turned out decent because everytime I tried to take a pic of one of the boys....I had to make the mad dash to save Seth! :)

Future college student...Gagey Thomas "Nic-ol-ken". (that's how he says his last name)

I didn't get any good pics of Corbin this one is from yesterday. Too precious. I had to edit lil Gage out of the pic on the side though because he's half naked from potty-training yesterday. He did a GREAT job too! No accidents! I'm going to start again this afternoon. I wasn't going to attempt the potty training during our college visits! :)

Long morning...but I got everything taken care of for the semester starting next week! Thanks Aunt Sarah for lending us your car! :)


Erica said...

I'm glad everything is ready to go for your 1st week! Surprisingly I don't think that the price of a TWU parking permit has raised that much in 8+ years! I remember them being VERY expensive! I wish you could come Monday! I'll help you watch Mr. Seth! : )

Shawna said...

Seth would be the easy one to watch...the other two are the ones I worry about. :) All 3 a mall...don't know about that! :) I'll let ya'll know!