Monday, January 12, 2009

I smell TROUBLE...

I literally smell trouble! Although Gagey and Sethie are playing really well together...they started off this morning by going into the bathroom and lathering themselves with strawberry shampoo...after undressing them and getting the camera...I found them in the bedroom...of course Gagey was on top of the bed without the ladder being down...and I'm guessing Seth figured out he couldn't get up there and decided just to sit at the desk! These two boys are going to cause me to have an anxiety attack today!!! Wish me luck! :) ...well at least they will smell good all day!!
UPDATE: Someone has spiked the juice! They are ALL being nuts today! :) As you can see from the top picture...Gage and Corbin think it's okay to climb up on top the dryer. Sethie thinks its hilarious!

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