Saturday, January 24, 2009

5 years ago today...

I took a picture of these they are a tad blurry, but I wanted to share some of my favorite moments from our wedding day. Here is me, Michelle and Erica at the hair salon after our hair was finished...(I don't think we planned on all wearing plaid button-up shirts.)

This picture looks better in person.

Mr. & Mrs.

Michael and the girls....

Me and the girls....

Me and my brothers. (Joey and Jared look about 10 years old in this pic!)

Sorry so blurry...but this is a good one of me and mom.

Michelle and I chowing down on some McNuggets before the ceremony...hee hee.
People always say that your wedding day is a blur...I remember a lot about my wedding day.
- I remember it rained and rained.
- I remembered hearing the weather and traffic report in the background of my wedding during the whole ceremony. (bad "sound" guys at the church)
- I remember the tasty chocolate covered strawberries on the grooms cake.
- I remember Erica not feeling that well and finding out a week later she was pregnant with Carson. :)
-I remember that I rubbed Erica's belly knowing she was probably pregnant and it would bring me luck on getting pregnant myself one day soon. (I found out the following month I was pregnant)


The Corpian's said...

I don't think I have every seen these pictures, ah youth, where does the time go!

Erica said...

aaawww! How could that have been 5 years ago??? That was so fun! I feel so special that I got to be a part of your big day. By the way....I have changed the girls party. It is now on Saturday 2/14 at 4:30 at The Little Gym. I will send the invites soon. I hope that works for y'all! : )