Thursday, July 21, 2011

S is for...

S is for...sitter. This week I got to watch Slade a couple times while Sarah had work. Corbin was making pig snout faces at Slade in the window.

S is for... sweet. Gage is so sweet to Slade when he comes over. He plays with him and keeps him almost as entertained as Star does.

S is for... Safety. Gage was always making sure Slade wouldn't do anything to hurt himself. Of course, I was always right there to make sure too...but let Gage think he was the babysitter.

S is for....ah.... Sage. That rhymes with Gage! Yes...I really do have a college degree.

S is for...spider monkey. Gage is a monkey and literally climbing the walls at times. This time it was to get a laugh out of Slade.

S is for.... slip...which is what I did by slipping in this pic of Carson and Corbin. We had a playdate at Erica's this week and have sort of made it a summer tradition now to visit with our friends! They always have such a great time!

S is for... silly. Gage was pretending that Slade was tackling him down. Then Slade would try to "give Gage kisses" although it looked like he was trying to bite him instead. ;) Slade was pretty sleepy at this point.

S is for... sugar. Gage showing Slade a real kiss. :)

S is for...sharing, which Corbin wasn't willing to do with Slade when working on his precious artwork. Slade decided to slobber on a marker instead. ;)

S is for... Slade. I'm running out of S words.

S is for... smile. I love Gage's sly little smiles. :)

S is boy! I'm sorry...but he really is. :) He managed to be able to play on his own and was able to get Gage out of his hair while Slade was over. He doesn't have to be as sneaky as usual. ;)

Stay tuned...hopefully I'll get another post of two before Gage's 5th Birthday party!

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