Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gage's Birthday Wish List

Everyone has been asking me what Gage wants for his birthday. At the time, I had no clue, so last week I took him to the toy store to let him get some idea of what he would like. Below are some choices...that I could find pictures for.

1. Fast Lane Car Transporter (if it helps...he also commented "Mimi and Pop will get me this...")

2. Animal Planet Deep Sea Playset (this kid LOVES playsets of any kind)

3. Basketball

4. Lego City Police Boat (fyi...Gage's mom would much rather have a police boat NOT made of legos. Like I said...these are ideas of things he would like...don't necessarily have to get the exact thing ;)

5. Gassy Gus Game

6. Cars 2 Ridemakerz Grab-n-Go: Finn McMissile

7. Cars 2 Siddely the Spy Jet

8. Wrestling Ring with wrestlers

9. True Heroes Pirate Raft

10. Squinkies Skull Cavern Playset and some squinkies.

These are in no particular order and at least gives all the family and friends some ideas of the KINDS of things Mr. Gage likes to play with these days :)

Can't wait to see everyone at the party!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a fun trip that must've been! :) Could he contain all of his excitement at the store?

Shawna Nicholson said...

If by mean impatience. He wanted everything right then! :)