Monday, May 2, 2011

Star of the Week! Corbin got "Star of the Week" at his school...a few weeks ago. I'm so slow at posting these days. Anyway, one of the perks of getting Star of the Week is that you (or your mom) gets to make a poster of pics of you, your family and your favorite things. We (or I) worked really hard on this poster! Isn't it precious?!? My baby is growing up way too fast. In another month, he'll be considered a 1st grader!!!!

I'm so proud of Mr. Corbin. He's done phenomenally this year in school. He's pretty much dubbed as the teachers' pet, he has the hearts of all the girls in his class and he went up 2 reading levels recently!!!!

Stay tuned for more...student teaching is done in 3 days!

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Erica said...

love it!! we don't do a star of the week poster til 2nd grade at our school and i had so much fun doing those!!