Friday, May 6, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week!

Being that I'm room mom in Corbin's class this year...and a sucky one at that since I've been unable to help her all year due to school...I went all out for teacher appreciation week!

Monday: Bring your teacher her favorite drink!!
I'm sure she has enough root beer to last her the rest of the year now...and I added root beer barrels (candy) to what Corbin brought her.

Tuesday: Bring your teacher her favorite candy! My first candy bouquet!! I was pretty proud of it and terrified it was going to fall apart!

This is a bucket I brought in for the specials teacher (speech therapist). Every class adopts a specials teacher to get stuff for. I took her basket to her today and it was filled with stuff from other kids in the class...thank goodness!

Wednesday: Bring a gently used or inexpensive book for classroom library. I also added a personalized notepad from Corbin...her all-time favorite student. ;) Thursday: Bring a giftcard to your teachers' favorite store. No pic here but Corbin got her a chick-fil-a card and other students did too...along with restaurants and GAP cards! :)

Friday: Bring your teacher flowers. Since my last day of student teaching was yesterday, I was able to go up to Corbin's school and have all the students make his teacher a little something extra too! The flowers (and bees) are their fingerprints.

I'm not a big fan of flowers...but isn't it pretty? The tulips and vase were from Corbin, but others were added after students started showing up. :)

I'm so relieved that teacher appreciation is over!! It's a lot of work!

Now I'm headed off to Denton for my senior luncheon....then grad day next weekend! Wa hoo!!!

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